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I bought it for my baby but this is for adults I will use it myself, I did not return it is a highly recommended brand πŸ‘πŸ»
The product is very small in size. But the price was on sale, I bought 2 pieces.
The size is smaller than I expected, but I recommend it easily to use. Buy it knowing that it is 5 ml.
The product is for my pretty young kids too, I bought the 400 one but it’s pretty tiny
I bought the brand recommended by the doctors for my 3-year-old girl.
I bought two without product additives, but I request them to be given a little more affordable price, thank you
I bought it when I was pregnant, very pleased with the doctor’s recommendation, very easy to use, I finished 5 or 6 bottles of it and the price is half price compared to pharmacies
Take it paying attention to its milligram. 5 ml very small bottle. I was surprised to see that I always buy other brands (orzax) in bigger bottles from the pharmacy. as a result, the promised product arrived.
I use it in winter but the size is small
We started to use it as soon as we arrived, but it was very small, I ordered the second one, I am very pleased.
I use it for my 7-month-old daughter πŸ‘πŸ»
The product is tiny πŸ˜… but very comfortable to use
The price is reasonable, I did not pay attention to it, but take this into consideration, the product is 5 ml, ml of the equivalent is more suitable than the more price πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
The price is extremely affordable. I think it’s the best vitamin D on the market. Mix it with it, it is very practical to use whisk without drip.
We already know the benefits of vitamin D and how it strengthens immunity especially during the pandemic process. I use it constantly, I have seen it very useful, I bought it for other family members πŸ™‚ The price is also very affordable
I bought it for half the pharmacy price, it should be used as we cannot go out on quarantine days and it is free at this price
It was our doctor’s recommendation. The price here is quite affordable
Since it is a very comfortable spray to use, but I finished a box with 400 uu, no click increase in dvit let’s see if this works.
A little small but I am happy with this brand


  1. I am glad I bought it, it was very convenient and with very good packaging. it helps both the trendline and the seller.
    The fact that it is additive-free and easy to use with nozzles, affordable price increases its preferability. Very nice product
    I am a smaller but natural brand than I expected. Thank you, my daughter is easy to use without scent.
    I use it regularly. I already knew I had a vitamin D deficiency. In addition to being good for my fatigue, it also had an effect on hair loss.
    Everyone smells like olive oil, I was afraid I wrote, but as you know, it doesn’t have a heavy smell, it immediately reached my hand.
    Original product, a supplement I’ve used before … When the price was affordable, I bought too many of the family elders staying at home due to the pandemic …
    Buy it, taking into account that it is 5ml, friends, the price is affordable, only a tiny bottle came out
    I bought it with the recommendation of PΔ±nar DΓΆnmez, I hope I will be satisfied, I said trust is infinite, but when the bottle was finished, someone else opened it, it came out empty and I was shocked, I wrote it with apology.

  2. I got my friend’s suggestion, we use it. Very small but comfortable to use, we make a whisper in the mouth. Only D vitamins should be supplemented with vitamin K. But my absorption is like that. My product first. Next time I will buy d3 k2 together.
    We use clean content for both our children and ourselves. But ml runs out very little quickly. One needs to buy a few, a bottle is not enough for one month.
    The gray one has a dropper, although this purple box is less in ml, it is more comfortable for me to use it with spray.
    The box is big but the product inside is small and even very small compared to the box πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚ The effect of construction is great as soon as you try it for the first time.
    It is very suitable for the pharmacy, it is not close to SKT, I will buy it from here as it ends, its packaging is nice and it has arrived in my hand.
    peketleme guzeldi company really answers the questions asked with devotion. I took it very anxiously, but now I’m comfortable.
    I received the product in a short time. I am very pleased with the package and I recommend it under the appropriate market in terms of price.
    I haven’t used it yet, but I think it would be a good vitamin D supplement, I bought 5 units, one box for everyone. In general, those who take this vitamin supplement say that they are very pleased. Doctors recommend it, I hope it will be good, especially women should use it, they are generally deficient in vitamin D.
    The use of the product is very practical, the price is affordable, the packaging, the shipping, the seller, I am very satisfied with all of them, I will continue to shop from the same seller.
    It came small. I hope the size will work in this period.
    Fast and attentive cargo taste not disturbing olive oil taste just a little small for adults
    a need-reliever product these days we stay at home, I hope it works, I am satisfied for now

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