Covid 19 vitamins

For covid 19 C And D vitamins

Stating that he uses some products he believes because he is a herbal treatment (phototherapy) specialist, Terekeci said that he uses a product obtained from thyme, containing cineol and carvacrol, and that this product helps the main treatment.


Terekeci made some suggestions for those who have positive corona virus test to use during treatment, and used the following statements:

"Standardized products with thyme essence, which I call especially cineol and carvacrol, can be used. Turmeric, whose active ingredient is curcumin, can be used. It can be used especially in the treatment of lung involvement and balancing the immune system. There is also an extract of thistle seed. It can also be used in the treatment of pneumonia lesions in the lung and liver. You can use a daily teaspoon of turmeric in meals. If it is thought to be bitter that way, you can buy turmeric product from pharmacies. "



Assoc. Dr. Stating that the consumption of vitamins C and D is important before the disease, Terekeci said that the strong immune system can be protected from the disease or the treatment process can pass more easily.

Stating that zinc intake is also beneficial for the treatment process, Terekeci noted that the consumption of honey and its derivatives and apitherapy products is important.

Terekeci reported that vitamin C can be taken from fresh vegetables and fruits daily, and those who cannot reach fresh vegetables and fruits due to restrictions can consume vitamin C tablets.

Referring to the importance of the immune system, Terekeci said, "If the immune system is weak, this disease can overcome you. If too many uncontrolled products are used to strengthen your immune system, you may experience problems, you may encounter a fatal picture. Do not try to use many products together by making too much stress. The use of the products I mentioned will be sufficient." used the expressions

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